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About The Pitch

The Pitch is the Author's chance to share with you as a reader why you should give their book a chance. More than a blurb, they share with you some of the deeper connections and great elements of the book. Much like any pitch, they include for you soem details of the book, and up to 3 purchase link options. The Author also provides you with their website and preferred social network.

Get the Pitch Via Email?

Volume permitting, the Pitch is emailed once per week, on Monday, with the latest pitches we have added to the site. Each Genre Email is sent once per month:

  • 1st Monday: Poetry Pitches
  • 2nd Monday: Fiction Pitches
  • 3rd Monday: Non Fiction Pitches
  • 4th Monday: Recent Award Announcements

As a subscriber, you can choose to receive pitches in any of the genres, and not to receive pitches in the others. Just fill out the form below to be added to the Pitch list.

Important Things to Remember

Shameless Book Promotion does not facilitate any transactions for books via the Pitch. All purchase links are provided by the author making the pitch, and SBP receives no proceeds of the purchase. We are also not able to provide customer service for purchases made as a result of the Pitch.

SBP will list all pitches here on the site indefinitley, so you are always welcome to come browse past pitches and see if there is something that grabs your fancy.

All Pitches are vetted manually before being added to the site.

Authors- wanna make a pitch for readers?

The Pitch is your chance to help readers understand why they should give your books a chance. More than the blurb, you get to share some thoughts behind your work. Make Your Pitch:

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Let those author pitches come to you! Nobody sells their book as well as the author, right? The Pitch is an email with up to 5 book pitches in it, direct from the authors. You like it, you buy it- it's that simple. You don't like it? Wait for the next email.