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There are several places where content submitters can indicate Keywords for content submissions here on the site. The Author Directory is one and probably one of the more important ones.

We here at SBP use Keyword Tags to create ways to tie listings together into groups that readers can explore on the site. That's why the keywords to select are VERY important in the author area. Because there are only fiction, non fiction and poetry listings, keywords become that next level of organization.

Because you have 7 keywords you can add, it makes sense that you should choose them wisely. Here are some great tops, and a suggested list, to make the most of the opportunity.

  • Be accurate. All listing are reviewed manually, so keywords are examined in relation to the submission, and will be removed if deemed inaccurate or "stuffing".
  • Look at other listings. Check out the other listings, and see what keywords they are using. You WANT to be discovered if someone clicks a keyword in another listing, so staying in tune with the authors similar to you is important.
  • Don't forget potential non writing related keywords. Your Location, like "California", or "United Kingdom" might be a good way for readers to discover you.
  • Think of keywords as the groups you would WANT to be seen in if authors are looking at that group. So avoid phrases and longer keywords- the less common the keyword, the less likely a reader is to find in and then find you.


Genre Suggestions
You are welcome to dive down into subgenres, etc. Just remember, your goal with keywords is to be discovered from other places, so the more obscure the keyword, the fewer listings it will appear on.

  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Biography
  • Picture Book
  • Childrens
  • Business
  • Self Help

Author Location
Where are you? People might be looking for books closer to them.

  • Arizona
  • Canada (we think you get the hint)

Community Identifiers

These can include connections that readers would identify with and seek in their reading choices.

Style Identifiers

  • Nior

Staff Can Intercede

Staff, in reviewing submitted keywords, may find an opportunity to use a keyword of better benefit to the listing. So, even if you have trouble finding just the right keyword, we might just pop one on to help your listing.

Readers can Nominate

Readers can also nominate listings to receive a keyword they may not have as well.

To wrap, Keywords can be powerful ways to tie your profile into the bigger community of similar attributes. careful planning helps readers find the closest matched to their reading desires. So plan and execute some great keywords in your listings.


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