What exactly is this site?

ShamelessBookPromotion.com (SBP) is for authors to pitch their books, for free, to prospective readers.

There are some other cool features that authors can take advantage of (for a small fee) that will help them get discovered by more readers.


Oy, there's a lot of choice out there. So, we try to organize them, and present them to you in a way to make the best choice possible for your reading time. And we give you tools to research and find authors that fit your reading preferences.

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The Pitch

Nobody sells their book as well as the author, right? The Pitch is an email with up to 5 book pitches, direct from the authors. You like it, you buy it- it's that simple. You don't like it? Wait for the next email.

Learn more & subscribe to receive pitches in one or more genres.

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The Shameless Book Blog

Tips and news from the people out there grinding day in and day out selling books. Whether it's the experienced SBP staff or one of our many participants, you can't go wrong reading about great ways to market, brand and most inportantly, sell books. It's also a great rescource for "tips and Tricks" to make the most of the site. 

Pop on a special email list to have each new post delivered right to your mailbox.

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Indie Author Addict Podcast

It's no secret, we all love doing business with people we know- and the Indie Author Addict Podcast does just that, introduces you to the writers making today's indie titles. Listen to past episodes and subscribe on your favorite podcast service.

There's also a YouTube Channel, and if you are partcularly enterprising, you can sign up to be a guest as well.

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 The Directories

It's a great way to find your next great read- think of it as applications for your reading time. Organized by genre, Authors share a bit about themselves and see if they can earn your click to find out more... and maybe pick up a title.

Visit The Directories Today

What this site is not

This is not a spam site. Subscriber information is not shared or sold to any third party, that includes the authors submitting their book pitches. We send you the choices, and you pick the ones you like. We are not harvesting surfer data, and we're not smart enough to angorythm advertising data based on other places you have surfed. All advertising you see on the site is good old fashioned random.

This site is not a book store. We're not selling any of these books, the authors are providing links to the places you can buy the book(s). We do engage some referral sites, so if you buy something from a 3rd party, we may receive a referral bonus for that. That's partly how we pay the bills.

 About SBP and Proxima Emporium, LLC.

SBP is a project of Proxima Emporium, LLC., A Mesa, Arizona based company that was forked off of Publisher Brick Cave Media in 2018. Designed to offer simple, low cost tools to help the book industry promote reading and books, our other projects include the FindaNewBook.com book classifieds, BiblioFight.com book sales contest and more. We have way more ideas than time.

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