The Shameless Book Promotion team are excited to partner with Bookmaze in Mesa, AZ of a series of events to promote local authors.

The next of these events is scheduled for:

Saturday, July 29, 10am-4pm at the store.
1300 W University Dr
Mesa, AZ 85201

Sci-Fi Author Focus

In keeping with he "Science Fiction Saturday" Theme, this event is focused on Sci-Fi authors, readers will be excited to meet local Fantasy Authors and find their next great read. A Book is always better... when it is signed.

Bookmaze is located at 1300 W University Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201, and is online at

Author Lineup

So far..

The Sci-Fi Panel

At 3pm, we will host a live author driven sci-fi panel to talk about sci fi books and some of the authors behind them. Moderated by Bob Nelson, the Principle Support Executive at Brick Cave Media, the panel is sure to be a lively addition to the day's events.

Come in Cosplay

Sure, it will be 10,000 degrees outside, but the A/C will be on in the store, so bring your favorite Sci-Fi character to life and join us in the store for the day.

Wander the Stacks

With literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of titles to choose from, you can spent a good part of the day just wandering the existing Bookmaze inventory. There's a reason it's called "Bookmaze".

Eat the Snacks

Bookmaze will keep you going with snacky foods put out through the entire day. And, with nearby Renegade Coffee, you will have all the caffeine you need to keep reading!

Author Registration

Author Registration is Free, and limited to 15 authors. Submit the form below, and you will be notified if you have a space at the event.

Author Additional Information

  • All sales will be managed by Bookmaze.
  • Bookmaze will charge a 40% comission on sales.
  • Author must identify the books and quantity that they plan to bring to the event (for tracking purposes)

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